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2kg Frozen Canadian Wild Blueberries

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    2kg (4 x 500g bags)

    Price includes delivery

    Bart 'n' Lainy's Canadian Wild Blueberries. Great for breakfast, smoothies, baking and more.... enjoy the famous "vaccinium angustifolium" variety, simply frozen with no additives whatsoever. The price includes special insulated box, dry ice and delivery.

    PLEASE NOTE: We pack the fruit with dry ice to keep it frozen in transit. However dry ice will not keep the berries frozen indefinitely. So it is important that they are transferred to a freezer as soon as possible on the day of delivery. In case you miss the delivery driver, please leave instructions (eg leave with neighbour, or in porch etc) on the shopping cart page by clicking the link "Delivery instructions if out".

    Important note about dry ice: You must take care not to touch any dry ice that remains inside the poly box because it can cause injury. It is always best to wear gloves when opening the poly box.


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