Why do you only deliver frozen once a month?

To keep fruit frozen in transit we pack it with dry ice. Dry ice only lasts a few days, so we save up our orders, buy the dry ice in bulk and then pack and deliver over three days each month.

Do your prices include delivery?

Yes, packing and delivery is included in our prices, although there is a surcharge for frozen deliveries to a few postcodes in the Scottish Highlands, to Northern Ireland, the Isle of Wight and other offshore destinations.

Please check the Deliveries page on this website or get in touch with us if you have any queries.

Can I collect?

Yes. We are located in Hertfordshire if you would like to collect and we will discount the cost of insulated packaging, dry ice and overnight delivery from the price you would normally pay.

Can I change my delivery date once I've ordered?

In most circumstances we can change your delivery date up to the day before the date you originally booked. Please phone us and we'll see what we can do to help!


Are Wild Blueberries good for you?

Yes. You can find more information on the Health & Nutrition pages on this website where there are also links to articles about various research studies into the benefits of Wild Blueberries, including a few articles by Anthony William, The Medical Medium.

Are all Wild Blueberries the same?

No! European bilberries (vaccinium myrtillus) are often labeled as Wild Blueberries, but they are a different species of fruit, often sold as only suitable for cooking - not to be used uncooked in smoothies.

Genuine Wild Blueberries (vaccinium angustifolium) only grow in Canada and Maine.


Do Wild Blueberries really grow wild?

Yes! Wild Blueberries only grow where nature takes them, generally on land in Canada and Maine that is unsuitable for farming. They seem to like acidic soil and harsh weather and they can’t be cultivated in the traditional sense.

What is the difference between Wild Blueberries and cultivated blueberries?

Wild Blueberries are smaller than their cultivated cousins, which means more skin per kilo. This gives them more flavour and more of the antioxidants, anthocyanins and polyphenols that are considered by many to be an important part of a healthy diet.

Have a look at the Why Wild? page on this website for more information.

Who are Bart & Lainy?

We’re Mike Nicholas (Bart) and Elaine Norman (Lainy) and we own & run a specialist food marketing and design agency working for lots of clients in the UK and overseas. A lot of our work has involved healthy eating.

In 2004 we came across Canadian Wild Blueberries and started to learn about their amazing benefits. When we decided to become the first people to sell the fruit to consumers in the UK, we needed a brand name quickly, so we chose our nicknames and Bart ’n’ Lainy’s was born!

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