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150g Pure Canadian Wild Blueberry Powder

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    150g Pack

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    Bart 'n' Lainy's 100% Pure Canadian Wild Blueberry Powder. Great with porridge, yogurt, smoothies and more.... enjoy the famous "vaccinium angustifolium" variety, in a convenient powder with no additives whatsoever. 

    Our powder is made from the same fruit we sell frozen, grown in Nova Scotia, then gently dried and milled to a fine texture so that it is easier to blend into your recipes.

    150g of powder is made from 1.5kg of Canadian Wild Blueberries.

    The price includes packing and delivery by first class post, usually sent one working day after you place your order. The pack will fit through your letterbox, so you don't have to be at home to take delivery.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you order Canadian Wild Blueberry Powder at the same as our frozen products it is likely that the powder will be sent separately and in advance of the frozen delivery date you specify.

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