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From the Canadian Wilderness Right to Your Door

Courtesy of our friends at the Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia we have this little video to give you a better idea of the beautiful wilderness where our Wild Blueberries grow - and to introduce you to some of the people who harvest, clean and freeze the fruit before we ship it to the UK.
Wild Blueberries have grown in Canada for thousands of years. When settlers arrived from Europe they cleared forest land for farming, only to discover that in some areas traditional crops didn't thrive. The settlers abandoned these areas (you'll see an abandoned community in the video) and the land returned to nature. Having been cleared of trees, this provided a fantastic opportunity for the Wild Blueberry plants to take hold and slowly spread across thousands of acres. You might notice how even where the berries are quite plentiful, there are still patches of land that remain bare. That's just how it is with a wild crop, the plants take their own good time to grow where they want to grow. It's not like traditional farming at all!